Welsh Outpouring Pastor Coming to Sussex

The King’s Church in Horsham is hosting an event tonight with Richard Taylor, the pastor of Victory Church, Cwmbran, a Welsh church which has seen some amazing things in the last month or so, miracles, healings, salvations and the like in increasing numbers, which they are calling the Welsh Outpouring.


They are using my local church building in Mid-Sussex so I will be checking it out and I am very much looking forward to it. We are expecting big numbers and apparently, people are coming from all over the place for this, which I understand and am kind of puzzled by at the same time.

There is no doubt that this is a significant event for Sussex. Richard Taylor has in the last month seen more incredible undeniable healings than I can probably imagine, and it is very exciting that he is coming to share his experience and insights. It feels particularly important for the Horsham church, for our church and for the other local churches, to raise our faith and expectations of what God might want to do with us and how the Holy Spirit might impact our local communities. We definitely hope that he will impart to us a level of what he is seeing happen in Cwmbran, because quite simply, we want what he’s got.

So although I understand that people want to come and hear him speak, I also am a bit perplexed because it seems that if you’re going to make a long trip down to hear him speak, unless you live fairly locally, you might as well go to Wales. After all, that’s where the actual outpouring is taking place. Mr Taylor, as far as I can tell, is the lucky recipient of God’s grace on Cwmbran at this time (by the way, what IS IT about Wales and Holy Spirit breakouts?) rather than God’s vessel through whom miracles are performed. In fact, one significant thing you get from reading the updates on his church website is how little it has to do with a particular personality or ministry. People are repenting of their sins and meeting with God through the preaching, sure, but not through one specific person. Some completely unchurched people appear to be experiencing their own Damascus moments, convicted by the Holy Spirit without anyone speaking to them. Some healings and other miracles occur on their own, without a specific prayer or touch by a Christian (as opposed to the big ‘push and shove’ revival techniques you usually see on TV and YouTube).

So hey, colour me puzzled. I still expect God’s presence to be immense tonight because He has a tendency to show up wherever people’s faith is raised up corporately, because He loves us and He is always good.

If you’re wondering what this ‘outpouring’ stuff is all about, make sure to check out Victory Church’s website. They have posted regular updates ever since it started in April.